Random Stories is baaaackk!

Hey world!!

Random Stories is… back!!! (With a new look too! What d’ya think?!)

You’ve probably forgotten who I am… maybe so have I! So lets take a little walk down memory lane.

  • First… wanna know what I said when I first started this blog? Well, then read  my very first ever post.
  • Want to know why I wrote that? Well.. Read: ABOUT
  • Want to catch up on stories? Well, that’s an easy one.. go here: STORIES

Now that we’re all caught up. HELLO!!! Welcome back. Or… Me, welcome back me! I’m going to pick up where I left off, and start telling you lots, and lots, and lots, of Random stories…. From me… The girl you don’t know 🙂

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The little moments….

The little moments in life, mean the most.

Although I write about all these big adventures I’ve been on, and big significant things that have happened to me, it’s actually all the little things, the little moments that mean the most. Whether it’s in some amazing country, on a turning point birthday, or sitting in a cafe with my dad watching people walk by and making up stories of their lives, or dancing crazily to my brother playing the djembe drums. Or curling up by the fire with my mum and watching a movie or talking, telling her about my last audition I went on. Or, standing in the kitchen talking with my husband about all our hopes and dreams while we chop potatoes.

It’s all those special moments shared with loved ones that I’ll remember and keep close to me forever. In everything that happens in life –  there are always those moments, the moments that stand out the most. We all have them, every single one of us. Even if you have to dig a little deeper to find them, or take a few extra minutes to really acknowledge them, because sometimes we’re too busy and they fly by without realizing – we do all have those moments and they should be appreciated. They are the moments we will look back on one day, and as we remember them, we’ll be able to feel the feelings we felt – as if we are right there again – in our hearts.

Welcome to my Random World! :)

Hey World!

Welcome to my little blog world here – First things first – you should read my About page, so you know what I am doing, and why I am here. 🙂

And then… Get ready to join me for a life of adventures, through my Random Stories…. 🙂

I am pretty excited about starting this. Random Stories has been a concept I have been working on for a while now – and trying to figure out the best way to get it out there. So here I am. Starting with a blog – and whooo know’s where it’ll take me next!