About Random Stories

Who I am doesn’t matter – I am just a random girl.. What matters, is we all go through life, and have all these different stories to tell. Things that we’ve done, things that have happened to us, things we’ve experienced, We’ve lived these lives.. And sometimes, we get to tell our stories, and sometimes we don’t.

You may not be able to identify with my stories.. Or maybe you will feel like they are your own.

They are not in any particular order, I’m just going to write – some day’s you may get stories from my past – some day’s you may get a video of a random event – some day’s maybe a journal type entry. some may make you laugh and some may make you cry… Who knows what kind of Random story will be told each day/week/month – But they are….

Random stories… From a girl you don’t know.



2 thoughts on “About Random Stories

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