Robbed on my 12th birthday – part 2!

So – to recap Part one  (which you should just read!) – me and my mum went to turkey – stayed in a cool place on a beach – and then got robbed! Then – after a sticky, hot, turkish bus ride – we finally arrived in the city we were meeting the robbers dad in, to try to get our money back….. So here we are:

  When we finally arrived, we had to find the café that we were meeting in. We were carrying all our things, as we planned on moving onto a different place after getting all this sorted (Although, even if we weren’t we probably wouldn’t have left anything at the last place anyway!)

We got to the café, and found Mr business man Turk sitting at a table out the front. Talking very loudly on his phone.

We both knew it was him right away.

We approached him, introduced ourselves, and we sat down. We ordered some ice-cold drinks, (Finally!) and got right to business.

At first this man, obviously very protective of his son, just outright denied that he had done it. Even though his sister had already said she knew it was him. He said we were lying, that his son wouldn’t do anything like that. Said his son was a good, trustworthy young man. But in his eye’s, I could tell he knew it was him. He kept making us offers. If he truly didn’t believe his dear boy had anything to do with it, why would he try to buy us off?

Well, after a while, he took out a wad of money and handed it over. It was a HUGE wad. A mix of Turkish money and also bills from some other country that he said his company earned money in – I cant remember what currency it was, but it was a big, big, stack of cash! He told us this would cover all the money we lost, plus my Walkman, and more on top for our troubles.

Mum was still deciding if we should call the police or not, as up until this point we had decided to just hear him out.

But when she brought this up, this man, who up until now had pretty much seemed like he had no emotion and was reading from a script – suddenly seemed to break a bit. His cold front began to melt. He told us his son was having problems, that if he got into trouble again, he would be locked away for a very long time. That he wanted to help him, to give him one more chance.

So, we took his money, we finished our drinks, and we left. Feeling a bit unsure of what had just happened, but feeling relieved to not be penniless anymore.

That night we stayed in a very cheap hostel in the middle of the city.

It was a really gross, dirty place, and when we went to look at it, I really didn’t want to stay there. There was a drunk old man sitting outside his room next door to ours. When we went into our room, I said to mum.

if we stay here, he’ll rob us too!”

My mum gave me a hug, explained we couldn’t afford any of the fancier city hotels if we wanted to go on to Cappadocia the next day. Which – I really did want to do, as I had seen pictures and heard stories of the houses built into the sides of rocks. The whole place looked like a stone, fairy village in pictures – and I had to get there!

So I agreed to stay there for the one night. At least the room had a good lock on it. So I knew this time if someone tried to break in, we would at least wake up properly!

After we checked in and put our stuff in our room, we went and walked down by the dock. It was a city on the water, with lots of fisherman, and, just men with fishing boats who made a living by charging huge amounts to take tourists out, telling them stories of all the fish they have supposedly caught. (But clearly had never caught even a little trout in their lives!)

We had a few offers of “reduced” trip for just the 2 of us, but, to my joy, my mum refused them all (At one point I thought she was going to make us go on one, when she sat talking to one of the guys for a while. I had my fingers crossed behind my back the entire time)

We ate veggie rebab from a street vendor that night, one of the best meals we had the whole trip I think, and definitely the cheapest! (We spent ages talking about, if food was as cheap as it was there, in England, we’d get to eat out more often!)

The next day, after a rather sleepless night, (I was waking up every hour or so, checking our things were still there, and checking mum was still in the bed next to me. I had a dream at one point that night that the fisherman from earlier snuck into the room and Kidnapped her, and I had to take one of the boats out on the water searching for her, always convinced sharks and sea monsters were going to get me before I got to her)

We got up early so we could go to the bank, change the wad of money into travelers checks again like we had before, as we didn’t really know how much we had when it was all in Turkish bills – And then get the bus to Cappadocia.

When we got to the bank, and exchanged the money, we had the next biggest shock of the trip.

The amount he gave us, the amount, that when in Turkish and other foreign bills, looked like it must have been thousands and thousands of pounds, did not even cover half of the already not very large amount we had stolen, let alone be enough to buy me a new Walkman!

We left the bank, both in shock. I didn’t know what to say to mum.

We went to a phone box, and she called all the numbers we had. First the number we had been given for the dad. That number was out of service.

Then she called the woman at the hotel, who told us she couldn’t help and hung up the phone, and clearly un plugged it, as every time we tried back it was out of service too.

Then after some deliberation, my mum finally called the police, she explained the whole story, and after everything they also said they couldn’t help! They said, if we had called immediately, they would have searched for him. But as we handled it ourselves, there is nothing they can do. They said to just claim it on our travel insurance.

That was the problem… Because this was a last-minute, very cheap trip we were on, we hadn’t got travel insurance – we had left with the very very basic requirements, a couple of plane tickets, enough money to stay in the cheapest places, and east some yummy food. But no insurance.

After the phone call’s, we sat in a café drinking a Turkish tea, my heart was racing. I kept thinking my mum would say we had to go home. That we couldn’t afford to stay the final week. That the last of our money would just have to go on changing our flights and we’d go home that day. I wasn’t going to get to see Cappadocia, see my princess village, with castles, with white stone doorway’s.

But after a little while, my mum smiled, and said we should just make the most of it. Make do with whatever money we had. And have a good time. She said we’d figure out my Walkman when we got home. (Although at this point I felt like I’d give up that Walkman just to see Cappadocia and see my mum happy!)

And that’s what we did.
We went to Cappadocia. We stayed in a hotel built into the side of a huge rock. We walked through the town market, got invited into people’s houses to try all different kinds of Turkish teas. Ate Real Turkish delight (Which is nothing like the stuff you buy in the shops. Way better!) covered our heads with scarfs to go and look inside mosques.

And my mum was offered camels, to buy me as a wife.

Fun times, in Turkey land 🙂


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