Robbed, On my 12th Birthday! Part 1

 As you can see from even the few posts I have posted so far – a lot of my stories are from different adventures and trips I’ve been on. (Like LA And Mexico – and many more to come!)

One of the trips I went on with my mum, was over my 12th Birthday.

My dad was taking my brother away on a big Father Son trip when he finished school. They were originally going to go to Turkey, so my dad bought flights. They then changed their minds and decided to go to Mexico. So me and my mum got the flights.
We were just going for a very cheap, 2 week trip. We weren’t staying in fancy hotels, not doing any big expensive touristy things. Just going for a 2 week Turkish adventure – with lots of lovely beach time!

My birthday was near the beginning of the trip – I think the 3rd day, so when we got there, we found this amazing little place to stay, with huts just a little walk up from the beach. We planned to stay there until the day after my birthday.

The place was a family run business. They were really friendly and we got on great with them. We had stayed for 2 nights before it was my birthday night. Having lovely relaxing day’s on the beach, (This was the trip that really got me into reading novels – I read literally all day every day!) and evenings in the lovely courtyard in the centre of this hotel (although I wouldn’t really call it a hotel but not quite sure what it was)

On my birthday, the woman who ran the place, wanted to throw me a party. We had such a great time, they made us a delicious dinner, and a cake, I had balloons. There was live music. Everyone was dancing and drinking and having a party – celebrating me! All the other guests also joined in. No one even knew me, but everyone loved an excuse for a party! I loved it!

That night, me and mum crawled into our beds in the wee hours of the morning, and both passed out sound asleep! (I say the wee hours of the morning – but, I was 12, so, most likely this means about 11pm!)

At one point in the night, we both woke up. We didn’t know what had stirred us from our sleep, and didn’t think much of it. We just woke up, got a drink of water, and both fell back to sleep.

When we woke again the next morning, we had the shock of our life.

Our room had been ransacked. Our things were pulled out of our bags, and mum’s pouch that she had our money in (Which, wasn’t even that much, but was all we had for our entire stay) was lying empty on the floor.

The next thing I noticed, was my Walkman (Yes, this was back then, in the tape day’s! I loved that thing!)

was missing from the bedside table where I had left it when I went to sleep.

Mum frantically searched the room. We didn’t want to believe we had been robbed. Maybe we put stuff in a different place? But no, why would we move all our money?

After getting our breath back, and the realization sinking in – We went and found the owner, who ushered us to a table and served us breakfast. Which neither of us felt like eating – but she kept bringing more food instead of listening to what we had to say!

My mum finally made her sit and listen, and she explained to her we had been robbed. She, at first, tried to act shocked, and helpful, but soon giving away that she knew who it was……it was her nephew, who had disappeared that morning.
She said we would have to go into the big city and meet with the guy’s dad – her brother. She said he was a very busy, very successful business man. She made some calls and set up a meeting.

She was apologetic, but didn’t seem like it fazed her much… I guess this must happen a lot when he comes to stay with her. Comes in, robs some guests, and vanishes! She acted like it was a regular occurrence, while we felt shaken, lost, and penniless!

We had to get a hot, sticky bus into the big city. It was about an hour and a half’s drive, but felt like 5 hours. We were squashed on tiny seats, surrounded by Turkish locals, chattering away.

If it hadn’t been so hot, and so loud, I may remember some of the scenery. Places we passed, what the landscape was like. But I don’t. All I remember, is being So thirsty, wanting to get off the bus, but not knowing what to expect when we did……….

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