Dance amongst the stars

I used to fly away every night. Fly to the moon, and dance among the stars.

Fly to the clouds, and bounce between rain drops.

Each morning, I woke up tired from my nighttime adventures. Full of stories, and memories, to share with my family. I knew people’s wishes, knew their dreams and desires. The fairy’s would tell me, and I knew it was my job to help them come true!

I believed I flew through the night. I mean, I really, really believed. Not like, I said I did it, made up stories, but knew I didn’t really. The details that I knew were amazing, I could describe the feeling. How it felt to begin to lift off the ground, feeling completely weightless as I began to rise into the sky. The feel of the wind below me, above me, all around me. Cradling me – carrying me along. Darkness is different in the sky, at night. It’s not scary, its peaceful. Its thick. It’s all around. But its dotted with the brightest lights you could ever imagine. As I got closer to each star, I could see it’s shape. Feel its texture. I could go to the sun, If I was with sun fairies. I could move far far through the darkness of the nights sky, around the world to the other side, where the bright sun was glowing, burning, pumping out its heat. I felt the warmth on my face as I got close. I couldn’t see anything but brightness.

I could stay close to earth, and float past other children’s windows, seeing them dream. I would hear whispers as I passed each one. What they were dreaming, what they were afraid of, what they wished for.

I believed this so much, that one day, after my brother had been teasing me, telling me it wasn’t true I decided I just had to prove it.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, I had never flown in public before. But I knew I somehow had to prove I was telling the truth.

So that afternoon, when we got home from school, my brother and I were in the kitchen making sandwiches.

As he buttered the bread at the counter, I pulled a chair out, climbed up, and stood on the table. I was only little, so this was pretty high for me. We had this huge, solid wood table, in our kitchen and the floor was red linoleum.

I looked down at the ground – and I got a little scared at this point. I was trusting entirely on the fairy’s catching me. The floor was hard – I didn’t want to land on it! I wasn’t too sure on the rules they had for people who flew with them at night, deciding they want to show off their flying abilities. I was a bit nervous they would disown me after this. But I had to try something. I wanted to prove it was real – And I wanted to make my brother believe. I wanted to share the amazing world with him – I wanted him to be a part of my fairy life, and he couldn’t be if he didn’t believe!

I took some deep breaths, crossed my fingers and said loudly,

Look look I’m going to prove it to you, I’m going to fly!”

As he turned around to see what I was doing, I closed my eyes tightly, scrunching them as shut as they could possibly be. And went for it.

I jumped, off the table. I went. Eyes still tightly shut. I felt the air beneath me. My feet were not on solid ground. Was I flying?


I collapsed on the floor. I slowly opened my eyes, looked up to see my brother smiling down at me. I looked around, and up, to see how far I had gone.

It was actually only about 2 feet. I wasn’t even hurt.

I felt my eye’s begin to fill with tears. Why hadn’t it worked?

I knew, knew knew, that at night, I did fly. I flew amongst the stars. So why wasn’t it working now? Why couldn’t I show my brother, prove it was real.

As the tears started to fall down my face, my brother turned to leave the room. He hadn’t said anything else, I guess he knew if he said any more I’d probably continue to try, and he didn’t want me to hurt myself.

Then it hit me.

it only works in the dark. It has to be night. Its night fairy’s that take me flying, not the daytime ones!!”

He looked around at me as I said this, and kind of smiled, then left the room.

I think there were other times I tried to prove this.. I know sometimes I hurt myself, sometimes I didn’t. I wanted so bad for people to be able to share in the amazingness of being able to fly.

I guess they didn’t really need to see it – all they really needed to do, was go back to that childhood imagination, and belief, that so many people shut off so young. But I kept it going, kept it alive. I’d like to think I still have it, still have child like faith, and imagination – in different way’s.. I don’t fly every night now. But I can imagine. I can remember the feeling. I can shut my eyes, and go back to my 7-year-old mind, and fly through the air, and dance among the stars.


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